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Sketchbooks of Zandra Rhodes

An inspiring and intresting peak into the sketchbooks of great British designer Zandra Rhodes…

The Ultimate Apocalypse Jacket?

Designer Marie-Elsa Batteux has designed the ultimate survival jacket for the end of the world. The jacket titled ‘We Are On The Edge’ combines first aid, Protection, weapons for self defence, as well as a few other things you may need in a post apocalyptic world! All the instuructions for each function are printed on the jacket for easy use. Batteux said "I believe Prepping can really become the next big design trend, the way sustainability did a few years ago."


The following short film illustrates all the functions of the jacket. 

Recycled Speedos

After the astounding world record breaking LZR Razor suit, launched in 2008 by Speedo, was banned by the FINA in 2010 Speedo was left with a significant number of the polyurethane swimsuits. They decided to collaborate with British fashion students and eco brand From Somewhere to create these fashionable sportswear pieces from the left over LZR suits. 




Speedo have also done a more recent collbaouration with Orsola De Castro, of From Somewhere, pairing up with Falmouth University graduate Rebecca Jayne Taylor. They created a beautiful ball gown from surplus fabrics of the Fastskin Super Elite swimsuit. The dress inspired by water and the importance of conserving it, was created from the use of sportwear design techniques, De Castro said “The sewing, finishes and details were constructed as if the dress would also have to withstand swimming, which presented an exciting challenge.”


More on the work of Orsola de Castro from From Somewhere here.


McQueen and Hirst Team Up In New Scarf Collection.

Some people love shoes, or bags but for me its scarves. I just love them. Of course the classic Alexander McQueen skull scarf has been on my need want list of my, so far imaginary, designer scarf collection for a long time. The new collaboration between McQueen and artist Damien Hirst has only reaffirmed my love for the classic British McQueen scarf. The 30 piece scarf collection has been created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the British design house. Along side the collection photographer sølve sundsbø has created a short film capturing the slightly eerier aesthetics of both artists. 

The scarves take imagery from Hirst’s entomology series. Butterflies and various other insects have been put together to create kaleidoscope patterns, and a few of the designs are pulsing out from the classic McQueen skull. The limited edition scarves are available in chiffon, pongé, twill and cashmere, ranging in price from £315 to £715. They are only available online and in McQueen boutiques and are on sale now. My personal favourite is the ‘Forgiveness circular skull scarf’ (Third down on the left) if only my student loan could be more forgiving!




Dame Vivienne Westwood for Lush

Lush have teamed up with Dame Vivienne Westwood to try and tackle the issue of how much unnecessary wrapping paper we use and dispose of each year. Did you know we could wrap the world up nine times with all the Christmas paper used each year?

Lush, well know for its eco cosmetics and Westwood, known for her eco fashion and climate revolution campaigns, have designed a scarf that can be used as an alternative to wrapping paper. The scarf which in itself is a gift is made from 100% organic cotton produced by John Spencer Textiles and printed by Standfast and Barracks both based in the UK.

"I always say, buy less and buy better quality - so that what you buy will last. These Climate Revolution Knot-Wraps can replace wrapping paper and will last a lifetime. More importantly, when you buy them you join an uprising: the Climate Revolution that we need if we are to have a future that we can survive and thrive in." - Dame Vivienne Westwood.


The scarf, avalible in pink and beige are £15 and available in shops, as well as online, from the 18th November. Each scarf also comes with a note on how to tie them in different ways, although Lush do some great videos online with ideas too!

I personally love scarves, and Lush’s creative use of them caught my attention a couple of years ago as well as their amazing cosmetics. Its such a great idea! This year i am going to try and get scarves from charity shops to wrap my christmas presents to all my family! - And of course rushing to my local Lush to get one or two! 


What if we could sustainbly grown our own clothing? Well Suzanne Lee is a Fashion designer pairing up with biologists to discover a way of doing this, by using a mix of bacteria, yeast and microorganisms. Not only has she developed this process of creating a new fabric Lee is also developing ways it can be shaped around the body and dyed naturally. This is again another inspirational TED talk looking into the future of textiles and fashion and how it is developing alongside science. 

Im Paige, a Performance Sportswear design student , at Falmouth University. This is a little blog showing my current projects, ongoing journey, and an archive of inspiring design within the fashion and textiles industry.